Welcome To The Triangular Family – July 2018

As promised in our previous edition of Team Corner, we are back with a bigger list of new joinees. And we thought that it might just be the right time to introduce them to you.

I. Analytics

1. Naman Sharma: The Unconventional One


First on our list is Naman, our Senior Analyst from Haldwani. She loves to read, travel, paint, and discuss new ideas with others. Should she win a lottery of Rs. 10 crores, she would love to open a boutique, buy a car, invest some amount, and donate the rest.

II. Development and Product

2. Ujjwal Srivastav: A future ITpreneur


Ujjawal has joined our development team as a Senior QA Engineer. This guy from Gorakhpur loves playing table tennis. He would like to use a part of his lottery winnings of Rs 10 crores to start his own IT firm and use to rest to buy a house & a car and take a world tour. During his college days, he used to impersonate as a male professor and chat with a female teacher. Luckily for him, the teacher never found out the truth. Well, let’s hope this blog doesn’t reach her then!!.

3. Prakash Mishra: In search of himself


The next person to join the TravelTriangle family is Prakash Mishra. This Software Executive hails from Madhubani (Bihar) and, though he hasn’t traveled much before, he would love to take a world tour. However, he hasn’t listed travel on his do-list in the event of winning a lottery of Rs. 10 crores that includes:

  1. Investment in real estate worth Rs. 4 crores
  2. Investment in stocks worth Rs. 2 crores
  3. A bank deposit of Rs. 1 crore
  4. Bonds worth Rs. 1 crore
  5. A car worth Rs. 50 lakhs
  6. A house worth Rs. 1 crore

He would like to invest the remaining amount of Rs. 50 lakhs in his own start-up.

III. Digital Marketing

4. Shaishav Garg: Data Nerd


We have recently been joined by Shaishav as a Digital Marketing Analyst. He is fond of spicy food and loves solving puzzles & reading. And his love for books is not just limited to reading. He, with his lottery winnings, wants to open the world’s largest library. Well, do let know when it’s done. I would definitely love to visit it.

5. Elin P. Baby: The wedding planner


Don’t take her title lightly. Elin, our newest Content Writer, once planned and successfully executed a wedding of her friend who had met a girl on the internet. And when she’s not arranging weddings for others, she spends her time traveling, singing, dancing, and clicking pictures.

6. Shivani: The yoga girl


Our new SEO Executive – Shivani – is fond of exercising, doing yoga, reading novels, watching TV, and laughing & smiling. And while she calls herself the happiest person in the world, she does acknowledge the sad moments of her life; some of which are caused due to her fear of loneliness. With a portion of her lottery winnings, this Delhiite would love to buy a house with automatic doors & other automatic facilities. She will use the remaining amount in gifting her parents a trip to their dream destination.

7. Priyanka Soni: “Spill the Sass”


Next on our list is Priyanka who has joined us as a Social Media Executive. This girl from Rajasthan loves to dance, play the guitar, read books, and socialize. In case she ends up winning a lottery of Rs. 10 crores, she would use the winnings to buy a painting worth that sum or purchase a private jet. Heads up, Priyanka! The private jet might cost a lot more.

8. Mayur Wadhwani: Paraskevidekatriaphobic guy


For those who do not know, ‘Paraskevidekatriaphobia’ is the fear of Friday the 13th. And it must be hard for our new Marketing Inbound Executive as it is one that can’t be avoided. This guy from Bhilai loves photography, traveling, watching movies, and painting with fingers. With his lottery winnings, he would like to buy a Rolls-Royce car and contribute to an NGO for the road-accident victims.

Fun Fact: The inventor of this word – Dr. Donald Dossey – claimed that “when you learn to pronounce it, you’re cured!”

9. Ruman Singh Gajraj: Reflecting a fusion of cultures


Another Marketing Inbound Executive who has joined the TravelTriangle family is Ruman. This Bengali girl was born in Mumbai and brought up in Delhi. And this potpourri is reflected in her love for food; especially the Marathi & the Bengali cuisines. She also loves playing tennis, watching shows & movies on Netflix, doing print shoots and swimming.

IV. Sales and Operations

10. Surbhi Kohli: The friendly one


It only makes sense to begin the list of new joinees in the sales & operations team with Surbhi, our new Project Manager, who has been tasked with the role of bridging the gaps across functions & ensuring that all projects are managed properly.

This Delhiite takes a keen interest in acting, singing, and dancing. Though her love for dance, at times, makes her do crazy things like dancing on Marine Drive at 3 am in the night with her friends. Her other interests include traveling around the globe and shopping; things that she is going to splurge on in case she wins a lottery of Rs. 10 crores.

a. Customer Experience Team

11. Prashant Atri: Mr. Adjustable


Prashant, who has joined in as a Post-sales Executive in CET, claims that he can easily adjust & manage things anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Hailing from Gurgaon, this Haryanvi guy loves playing cricket & has represented his university in competitive matches. He idolizes Virat Kohli for his fitness levels and wants to go to London, only to visit the Lord’s Cricket Ground.

12. Andleeb Naaz: More than just a pretty girl


Andleeb, our new Customer Happiness Executive, is fond of traveling and loves exploring new places. Although she was born & brought up in Lucknow, she traces her descent to Gwalior and currently resides in the city of Ghaziabad. Like many of us, she is guilty of eating lunch within the class timings during her school days. Though, it is seafood in particular that she is crazy about.

13 Yashna Ratra: Living the life to the fullest


Another person who has joined the TravelTriangle family as a Customer Happiness Executive is Yashna. This Delhiite believes in making the most of the time that one has in zir lifetime. And she never falls short in pursuing the same; be it feasting on the sumptuous street food of Delhi or indulging in activities like dancing, listening to music, and shopping.

14. Ashi Agrawal: The little warrior


For someone working in the capacity of a Customer Happiness Executive, being happy & satisfied with zir life is a huge plus. And it’s a good thing that Ashi, who has joined us in this profile, comes with this advantage. And the hobbies that assist her in staying happy include traveling, talking, and even writing.

b. Special Projects: TTSN, MP3, MP2, UTL, FC, and Nurturing

15. Ankit Kumar Singh: The good samaritan


Ankit, who hails from Varanasi, has recently joined the TravelTriangle family as an Operations Manager. Despite his morbid fears of drowning in water & falling from a height, he challenged the waves while rafting in Rishikesh and tried the scary Flying Aces Roller Coaster at the Ferrari World amusement park in Abu Dhabi. Ankit loves to help his friends, research for issues around him, and listen to music. In case he wins a lottery of Rs. 10 crores, he would love to improve the life in the towns.

16. Gaurav Jha: Mr. Helpful


Joining in the capacity of an Operations Executive, Gaurav is passionate about start-ups and loves to read about the same. And though he is generally very helpful, he can be equally mischievous. For instance, he once created a menace by ringing the doorbells of the houses and running away.

17. Jatin Kumar: The sports enthusiast


Jatin is yet another newly-appointed Operations Executive of the TTSN team. This Delhiite takes a keen interest in outdoor games like cricket & football and indoor ones like PlayStation, carrom, ludo, and snakes & ladder. While he hates buses & trucks, he would love to buy a supercar from his lottery winnings; spending the rest in purchasing a big house.

18. Rakesh Chandra Upreti: The missing passenger


Rakesh, who hails from the Kumaon region of Haldwani (Uttarakhand), has joined as a Post Sales Operations Executive in the TTSN team. He loves traveling, especially to hilly destinations. Other interests include adventure sports, snooker, and photography. In case he wins a lottery of Rs. 10 crores, he would explore various mountain ranges, cruise across seas, and buy a pool table for himself.

19. Shuchita Gupta: Travel freak


It is the MP3 team that has recently been joined by Shuchita Gupta. This girl from Kanpur is fond of sketching, listening to music, traveling, and reading travel blogs. She believes that one can learn different things from different people. Following the same rule, she has drawn inspiration from many people in her life.

20. Stuti Gupta: The bak-bak machine


Stuti, the girl from Jhansi, has joined the Sri Lanka team under the MP2 project as a Travel Consultant. She loves to sketch and make mehendi designs. Ghosts & horror stories are things that she is afraid of. With her lottery winnings worth Rs. 10 crores, she would take a world tour and donate the rest to an orphanage.

21. Rupali: Solving stress & boredom with hobbies


Rupali has recently joined as a Travel Consultant in the UTL team. This Delhiite loves to sing, dance, talk, or cook whenever she feels bored or stressed. She belongs to a Rajasthani family and loves to visit her relatives in Jaipur. Although, it is Kerala that she lists on top of the list of her favorite destinations.

22. Dakksh Saxena: The free-spirited traveler


Another member of the UTL team is Dakksh Saxena. This Delhiite loves to travel, ride motorcycles, and surf the internet. With the lottery winnings worth Rs. 10 crores, he would love to buy himself a house & a few cars, invest some amount in the stock market, and deposit the rest in a bank.

23. Akanksha Khandelwal: Afraid of taking off & landing


The last among the new joinees in the UTL team is Akanksha. She hails from the Aonla town of the Bareilly district in Uttar Pradesh. Akanksha loves reading novels, listening to music, and traveling. However, the same might not be applicable to air travels as she gets frightened whenever the aeroplane takes off or is about to land.

24. Richa Sharma: Tweety sweetie


Richa, who has recently joined as a Travel Consultant in the First Call (FC) team, is next on our list. This girl from Bihar enjoys reading books and playing cricket. However, she isn’t interested in watching movies. And, boy, she can dance; dance like a crazy fellow as she did on her sister’s wedding.

25. M Hamza: Ek aam aadmi


M Hamza has also joined as a Travel Consultant in the FC team. This Delhiite loves to swim, dance, and travel. He considers Prophet Muhammad as his role model and would love to visit his birthplace – Mecca – with his family.

26. Ashish Bahukhandi: Jo dil mein aata hai, samajh mein nahi


Disclaimer: The title mentioned here has been provided by the person it has been used for. The author of the blog shall, under no circumstances, be held responsible for the same.

Well, this new Travel Consultant from the FC team belongs to Kotdwara (Uttarakhand) and enjoys playing snooker and traveling. In case he ends up winning a lottery of Rs. 10 crores, he would love to open a sports academy for snooker & other sports, buy himself a house, start a restaurant, travel the world, and try his luck with the rest in a casino.

27. Asha: The crazy girl


Last in our list of new joinees in the FC team is Asha, who has joined as a Travel Consultant. This girl from Delhi loves to dance and listen to music. And her craziness can be seen in her dance moves when she is enjoying at her home.

28. Darshana Parashar: Bachhpan se hi shaadi karne ka bohot shauk tha


The next new member of the TravelTriangle family that we wish to introduce here is Darshana, our Travel Consultant in the nurturing team. This girl from Guwahati enjoys cooking, traveling, and eating. And in case she wins a lottery of Rs 10 crores, she would spend the winnings by traveling across the globe and shopping.

29. Tanisha Saha: Ek adhoori kahani


Another new member of the TravelTriangle family who has joined the nurturing team is Tanisha. She hails from Kolkata and loves to cook & dance. Like her fellow team member, she too would spend her lottery winnings on shopping from some of the best brands in the world.

30. Ashmita Tiwari: The ophidiophobic


Many of us are afraid of snakes. And the same is true for Ashmita, one of the new Travel Consultants in the nurturing team. This Delhiite loves acting, singing, and traveling. And she hopes to gift her mom-dad a trip to Paris from some amount of her lottery winnings. She would also like to contribute to an NGO for women that helps them become self-dependent. The remaining amount would be used to build a school in a village; something that her dad always dreamt of.

31. Ritu Das: Happy-go-lucky girl


We have been joined by Ritu Das as a Payments Executive in the flights team. Born and brought up in Delhi, she loves to binge on every lip-smacking food. Her other interests include watching TV shows, dancing, and traveling. And it is travel that she is going to invest in, should she end up winning a lottery of Rs. 10 crores.

32. Ritika: The introvert from Delhi


Ritika, a newly-joined Operations Executive in the flights team, loves listening to music, dancing, and watching the news. In the event of winning a lottery worth Rs. 10 crores, she would like to purchase a new house worth Rs 1 crore, spend Rs 1 crore in traveling with family, and invest the rest in a diverse portfolio.

32. Kaishar Ahmad: The cool & calm one


Kaishar, who has recently joined as an Account Manager in the Mauritius team, loves listening to music, reading novels, meeting new people, and traveling. In one of his travel adventures, this daredevil cliff-jumped from a height of 40 feet. And should he win a lottery of Rs. 10 crores, he would use the winnings to travel across the globe.

33. Ankur Chaudhary: The hodophile


The Maldives team has been joined by Ankur Chaudhary as an Account Manager & Agent Handler. This guy from Gwalior loves to drive, travel, and spend time on the internet. And, with the lottery winnings worth Rs. 10 crores, he would love to buy a bungalow and a car for himself.

34. Nishi Gupta: The unpredictable girl


Hailing from the Gorakhpur town of Uttar Pradesh, Nishi is a new Travel Consultant in our Maldives team. She is fond of driving, traveling, and drawing. And watch out! Those who know her well will tell you of her scary pranks; something that even she boasts about.

35. Mohini Sharma: The girl with dreams


Mohini, who hails from the Guru Nagri Amritsar, loves to chill with her friends and visit new places. In case she, who is a new Travel Consultant of the Maldives team, wins a lottery of Rs 10 crores, she would happily give Rs. 8 crores to her dad, buy holiday packages worth Rs. 1 crore from TravelTriangle (how lovely!) to travel across the globe, and deposit the rest in the bank.

36. Tripti Mishra: A girl with wings


Tripti, our new Product Trainer of the Bali team, enjoys listening to music and singing. She hails from Bihar and loves visiting her Naani’s house. Though, her favorite destination is Maldives. Another thing that she loves is surprising her close friends and family members on their birthdays with her unique ideas.

37. Tanisha Taneja: A brave and strong girl


Another new member of the TravelTriangle family to have joined the Bali team is Tanisha. This Travel Consultant enjoys a number of things; including dancing, listening to music, and traveling. In one of her river rafting adventures, she intentionally jumped off the boat into the river water for fun. Now that’s something that we wouldn’t recommend to our readers; would we now?

38. Saloni Gugnani: Inka ‘dil to bachha hai ji’


Saloni, who hails from Rohtak, has joined our Singapore team as a Travel Consultant. She loves socializing, dancing, and cooking. In case she ends up winning a lottery of Rs. 10 crores, she would like to donate half the amount to old-age homes and use the other half to gift her mom & dad a nice bungalow.

39. Goutam Choudhary: People call him ‘Dada’


Goutam, the new Assistant Manager of the Thailand team, hails from the city of Asansol (West Bengal); a city that is known for its brotherhood, culture, Rosogolla, Durga Puja celebrations, and Lal Par silk sarees. He loves listening to music, singing, and cooking. Well, let’s just hope that he will treat us to some delicacies cooked by him. What’s say, guys?

40. Ekta Sehgal: Miss Understanding


Ekta Sehgal, who has joined as an Account Manager in the Thailand team, traces her descent from Rohtak (Haryana) and Pune (Maharashtra). She loves meeting friends and listening to Punjabi music. And though she considers herself as a very understanding person, her behavior depends on the other person’s attitude towards her. Well, Triangulars, the choice is yours; I guess!

41. Utkrisht Ahuja: The biker boy


Our Thailand team also has a new Product Trainer — Utkrisht. This Delhiite loves traveling and taking road trips by car or his Royal Enfield. His other hobbies include playing sports and watching movies on Netflix. He also loves food – especially Butter Chicken – food blogging; something that he has only recently started. *Opens Instagram and searches for his handle*

42. Subecha Chettri: The atychiphobic


Failure is not an option for many. But to have a phobia of failure is big. And failure is exactly what this new member of TravelTriangle family is afraid of. Well, that and darkness. Subecha, who hails from Darjeeling, has joined the Thailand team as a Travel Consultant. Like many of us, she too enjoys singing and traveling. And traveling is what she would like to spend on, in case she ends up winning a lottery of Rs. 10 crores.

43. Arundhati Gangopadhyay: The fastidious one


Yet another new member of the Thailand team is Arundhati, who has joined in as a Travel Consultant. This girl from Kolkata takes enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching TV series. In case she wins a lottery of Rs. 10 crores, she would deposit some amount in a bank, spend some in traveling, and donate the rest to the underprivileged & for a shelter for dogs.

44. Manisha Sharma: The socializer


It is the Sri Lanka team which has been joined by Manisha in the capacity of a Travel Consultant. This girl from Delhi loves socializing, reading novels, and shopping. In fact, she claims herself to be a bit of shopaholic. And so, a large chunk of her lottery winnings would be dedicated to shopping. Though, she would also like to take a world tour and buy herself a car.

45. Kamal Sharma: Softy


The next person that we would like to introduce to you all is Kamal, a Travel Consultant in the Dubai team. This girl from Roorkee fondly recalls an incident from her 3rd grade. She once asked her mom for some money for Samosa but her mom didn’t have change & promised to provide the same the next day. But this girl did not want to wait. So, she went to a temple and took the exact amount offered to Lord Shiva, promising to return the same the next day! I really hope that she held her promise.

46. Subhranshu Bose: The glass-castle dweller


Our next Travel Consultant is Subhranshu, who has joined the Europe team recently. He hails from Allahabad and loves playing football, listening to songs, and traveling. His lottery winnings, in case he wins one, will be used for purchasing a nice house and a car.

47. Vishal Dua: The generous one


Vishal, who hails from Ambala Cantonment area, has joined our family as a Travel Consultant and will be catering to multiple segments, including South Weekend, Tirupati, Goa, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand (STGRU team). He loves making new friends. His other interests include playing games, watching movies, cooking, and traveling. And while he would want to invest half of his lottery winnings in his own business, the remaining amount will be donated to the poor.

48. Shaurya Singh: A mystery box


It is the Uttarakhand team that Shaurya has joined as a Travel Consultant. He hails from Lucknow, a city known for its nawabs, culture, and Awadhi cuisine, and enjoys all chicken delicacies. Shaurya is also very passionate about music and enjoys singing & listening to music.

49. Sarvesh Kumar Kashyap: Mr. Ambivert


Sarvesh, who claims to have a balance of extrovert and introvert features in his personality, has joined the Andaman team as a Travel Consultant. He is a native of Patna (Bihar) and enjoys reading novels, watching movies, clicking pictures, and going for night outs. With his lottery winnings, he would like to buy a nice bungalow with a watchtower and a BMW car.

50. Abuzar: The explorer


Abuzar is another person who has recently joined the Andaman team as a Travel Consultant. He believes that one should love oneself and never put one’s faith in others as nobody would ever destroy himself/herself. Abuzar loves traveling, exploring new things, and meet people of different cultures & religious believes.

51. Diptyrekha Pramanik: A girl of many talents


Diptyrekha, yet another new Travel Consultant in the Andaman team, is fond of singing, acting, and sketching. At times, when she is alone, she even writes poems to describe that situation. Though she has never been to Goa, the pictures of the destination, its seafood, its dance, and lifestyle of the people there has inspired her greatly. And so, she hopes to travel to the destination soon.

53. Shraddha Raj: Full of surprises


Shraddha, who has recently joined the Himachal team a Travel Consultant, hails from Bhilai. She is passionate about traveling and has tried out several amazing adventure sports like rappelling, rafting, free-falling, and mountaineering. Her other interests include singing, dancing, cooking, eating, and sleeping.

54. Shreya Macwan: An award-winning chef


Hey! I am not kidding. Shreya, who has joined as a Travel Consultant in the Himachal team, is a state-level award-winning chef. An introvert by nature, she grew up traveling and living in multiple destinations including Mt. Abu, Ahmedabad, and Singapore. And in case she wins a lottery of Rs 10 crores, she would donate the winnings to an orphanage and an old-age home.

55. Anil Chaudhary: The untitled boy from 2 states


Anil is one of the new Travel Consultants in the Sikkim team. Born in Uttar Pradesh and brought up in Haryana, he dreams of traveling to all parts of the world. And though he is still looking for a title for his autobiography, he knows for certain the things that we would buy with his lottery winnings; viz. a bungalow and a car.

56. Pragati Malik: Ms. Delhi Daredevil


Another new Travel Consultant in the Sikkim team is Pragati. This Delhiite loves baking, clicking pictures, playing badminton, and traveling. It was in during a trip to Goa that she had a near-death experience while trying to save her friend from drowning in the sea water. Luckily though, nobody drowned and everybody safely walked out of the sea water.

57. Tanya Sharma: The Bholi Panditain


New to the TravelTriangle family, Tanya has joined as a Travel Consultant in the Kerala team. This Dilli wali girl loves doing makeup, tasting vegetarian delicacies, traveling, and meeting new people. And in case she wins the lottery of Rs 10 crores, she would love to open her own makeup studio, splurge on shopping, buy a car, and travel across the globe.

58. Saurabh Kumar: Living a life without rules


The Joker (ref: The Dark Knight) said, “The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules”. And this new Travel Consultant in the Kerala team seems to follow this motto in his real life. He hails from Varanasi and loves listening to songs, cycling, swimming, and learning new languages.

Until next time

Seasons may come, and seasons may go. But we will continue to welcome more & more awesome people into our already amazing family of Triangulars. So, wait for us to be back. And until then, have a great time.