We swear by this pillar; this is what we love about our work!

Working as a product designer in TravelTriangle for 6 months now, it didn’t take me time to realise that creativity is just not limited to Design Team at TT.

It was August ’17 when we moved into a brand new office with whitewashed walls and pillars. The HR found a great way to make the workplace interesting by introducing the pillar design contest; and the theme was ‘what you love about your work’. Dhaneesh, our UX lead, came up with a concept- to gather a word and an image from each team member depicting what they love about their work. Then, we created an artwork inspired from all the words/images, while connecting them together as significant elements of an organisation.

Words submitted were: Solving traveler problems, Sherlock, evolve, comfort, multitasking, travel talks.

Getting back to the topic, here is how the ‘Product & Analytics’ Team pulled off the prize-winning Pillar Design:

Dhaneesh Jameson (UX Lead), with the help of Rahul Garg (Product Manager), wrote down an oath which includes all the words and emotions for the project. This write-up was then painted on a side of the pillar, and became the oath for the Product team.

We, the humans of Product and Analytics at TT,
pledge to solve traveler problems
by using Sherlock’s magnifier to look at data
and strive to constantly learn and evolve.
In love with all the Travel Talks,
we are happy to multi-task and provide
comfort for our fellow triangulars.

The pillar

We made few initial sketches and after few iterations, we landed up to the final artwork. Octopus tentacles springing down the ceiling all around the pillar holding all the elements: Sherlock’s magnifying glass, experimentation, and ideation on traveler problems, solving traveler issues, & create/design. It was a one day process involving the initial pencil guides on the pillar filling it with paint, finishing, and outline.

The most important thing to note down here is that each and every member of the product team played a significant role from conceptualisation and ideation to treatment i.e. rendering the artwork.

Product managers, who probably would not have touched a paintbrush after their school art classes, were so efficiently filling the shapes with flat strokes. Yes, there were some drops spilled down the white wall, but that wasn’t the problem at all because seeing these guys painting filled us with joy.

Sanchit Garg in action!

It’s been 4 months since our office witnessed an event where everybody, right from the core management to the junior most participated with equal enthusiasm and vigour.

The ‘Product & Analytics’ Team pulled off the prize-winning Pillar Design, and here my reflection of the event as I look back at it. To me, the words submitted are not only telling what they love about their work, but also give a hint about their personalities. And, here is what I could derive best out of each word, and tell you how they are connected with the personality of its creator. Just a fun twist in the story.

Dhaneesh Jameson (UX Lead, Product)

Word Submitted: Multitasking

Octopus, being the most relevant creature which can multitask with its eight limbs.

Dinesh Kumar (Senior business analyst)

Word Submitted: Sherlock

Sherlock is the ultimate analyst who can do all those complex calculations in his mind in no time.

Sanchit Garg (Co-founder)

Word Submitted: Solving Traveller Problems

The driving force which made him the co-founder.

Rahul Garg (Product Manager)

Word Submitted: Travel Talks

Being a frequent traveler and hiker, he loves to talk about travel.

Prakhar Singh (UI/UX Designer)

Word Submitted: Evolve

Thirst to learn more and more.

Ashutosh Pandey (Product Manager)

Word Submitted: Data-Driven

Feed him data (& beer) and he will give you mind-blowing results.

Sandeep Virk (UI Lead, Product)

Word Submitted: Comfort

He likes to keep an aura of ‘chill’ around while being awesomely creative.

Initial concepts


W.I.P. The material used were white acrylic matte paint with pigment stainers.

This pillar still brings happiness on everyone’s face by seeing how much they love their work. Also, it is a great example of creativity and teamwork in the office.