TGIF – Ideating together

Success of any company depends on the success of its business teams and teams can only be successful if they are aligned with the long and short term vision. Vision provides visibility of the direction which expedites decision making at every level.

In the absence of structured communication forums, especially in start-ups, it is not uncommon to observe that the intensity of efforts towards achieving company goals is weakened. In an ever evolving business environment, it is very important to keep the teams aligned so that there is a lot of agility in moving fast or changing direction. TravelTriangle has solved this by conducting weekly “TGIF” meets every Friday, towards aligning its employees better through informal connects between its leaders and mid-managers.

Every Friday, leaders reiterated the company’s vision and mission to the mid-level managers. This way they percolated their outlook deeper and generated immediate business understanding. They explained the company’s immediate priorities, and also shared what to expect in the near future. Mid-level managers communicated the same message to the delivery teams and enabled faster delivery through increased clarity.


By connecting with mid-level managers, leaders instilled confidence in the company by giving employees an informal platform to discuss their queries. Sankalp gave answers to their questions and helped remove blockers which were restraining them earlier. He shared immediate steps that the teams could take to enable the change in strategy. He also got a sense of how employees view the company and used this opportunity to bridge any existing gaps.

Employees who were earlier hesitant to share their views, could connect directly with the leaders. They highlighted risk situations and posted ideas for improvement. Leaders were able to incorporate the suggestions in their short term and long term planning. This made employees feel heard and empowered as they could make positive changes in the company.