New Hire Autobiography

At TravelTriangle, our people are our most important asset. We ensure, everyone is supported and nurtured within a developmental, collaborative and empowering environment.

A culture which values talent and focuses on diversity, inclusivity, wellbeing and positive engagement.

In order to break the ice, we asked our newly hired employees to write an autobiography.

Since everybody has got an amazing life history, what happened next was interestingly hilarious and completely broke the ice.


Let us now meet the New Hires who joined us on 30th Oct’17.



Saket Kumar

  • Saket Kumar has joined TravelTriangle as a Travel Specialist in MP3 Team. He hails from a small town in Bihar, Mirganj. Being a non-vegetarian, his favourite dish is Tandoori Chicken and likes to visit new places. Saket dreams at spending an evening in front of Eiffel Tower. Though he has done a lot of crazy things in life, however Saket couldn’t resist mentioning that, he once went on a night out 200 km road trip along with friends without informing their parents. This was an amazing experience also because of this happened at a night in January and the temperature was 7-8 degree celcius.





  • Manish has joined TravelTriangle as a Customer Care Executive. He hails from Khalilabad, a small town in UP. The slim guy loves to eat spicy food all the time, especially momos. In his free time Manish likes listening to Bollywood Music, playing cricket, playing guitar and singing along with friends. He aims at pursuing PhD in English or fly as a member of cabin crew. Since, everybody’s relationship status is personal, Manish did not mention that he is single. If given a chance to spend 10 crores, he would want to buy a luxury car for himself and a big house for the entire family.




Avi Mayank Sharma

  • Avi Mayank Sharma is a boy born in Banaras, came to Delhi when he was 2 years old. As years passed, he became sexier and athletic. He got himself into sports, became national level Basketball player, gold medalist in Taekwondo and took training in Boxing as well. As he grew up, he always had a dream to go Hawaii for a fun trip and do more adventure in life. Being single doesn’t bother him but he won’t mind being in a relationship as well. In one of his college days, he got drunk with his friends and joined a party crowd of Axis Bank in Radisson Blu Hotel. They all ate for free.




Kaveri Rai

  • Kaveri Rai was born and brought up in the multicultural city, Lucknow. In her free time, Kaveri likes to listen to music and play Volleyball & Badminton. She loves to travel & discover new places and her dream destination is Greece. Kaveri once got high after drinking couple of breezers, when she went back home she got caught by her father, who then unexpectedly offered her a beer to drink. Just like all other girls, she loves to shop and her favourite clothing brand is Zara.





  • Sarthak is a jaat boy who hails from Baraut, a small town in UP, known for its kadak tone and UP17. The born single guy loves to eat aloo paranthas. He likes to play snooker and ride bikes in his free time. The boy is a lot inclined towards his acting & writing skills and has a dream of visiting Vegas. Sathak shared that once in 2014, he planned a post examination party for his friends. In order to do something crazy, he collected a lot of insects and prepared a dish. His friends ate them all and praised his cooking skills, upon knowing what the dish was made of, everyone wanted to kill him, however the guy is still alive.




Prakhar Singh

  • Prakhar was born and raised in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in a middle class family where his career wasn’t decided already. To escape the education system, he had to develop a hobby. He started drawing, reading and making comic strips. These are the things that still keep him connected to his childhood. If given a chance to travel the world, Prakhar would love to take sun bath on a ship in the middle of the sea, with a couple of drinks and pizza. Prakhar feels that he hasn’t accomplished the most craziest thing in his life and mentioned, ” Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”.




Divya Sharma

  • Divya Sharma is a guy from Karnal. Being a perfect north indian boy, he loves to eat Rajma Chawal and Pav Bhaji. He likes to experiment new things and travel to new places. Divya once travelled without ticket in a train from Ambala to Delhi where the TT and Policemen kept chasing him for hours. They moved around the train couple of times to and fro, in search of Divya. After a 3 hours search mission, they were able to catch him at Sonipat railway station, however Divya managed to set himself free without any charge.




Vineeta Bhandari

  • Vineeta Bhandari is basically from Dehradun, Uttrakhand. She loves to cook and her favourite dish is Lal Maas, non-vegetarian dish famous in rajasthan. Her favourite destination is Maldives, since it is at a brink of extinction, therefore she wants to experience it before that. Vineeta once sneaked out to her maternal grandparent’s place at midnight to party with one of her friends and her younger sister supported her to jump over the wall. The epic story here is, Vineeta is now engaged to the same guy, she sneaked out for. Congratulations to the young lady !!!


Sanchit Garg (Co-founder) and Aditya Chakravarty (HR Head) couldn’t resist meeting our new joiners and welcoming us to TT culture.

They mentored us about our work culture, handling challenging situations, decision making and work ethics.



We have seen and missed a lot of interesting stories in the past, also many more are yet to come.

Everyone has an interesting story, what’s yours???