The Jolly Christmas Celebration At TravelTriangle Proves That Our Santas Are Always Around Us!

Irrespective of how old we turn, the kid within us is always on a lookout for happiness that Santa brings in, and there’s no denying that nothing can match those few moments of joy that gifts us lifelong memories. So, to ensure each one of us experiences it, our HR team decided to take the Christmas celebration for 2017 a notch higher by becoming the best Santa ever!

They not only made all of us live the excitement for a week and helped in becoming each other’s secret Santa, but also gifted smiles to the underprivileged kids from Bucket List – the NGO based in Jasola who visited our office on Children’s Day last year.

A lot of fun activities were organized to bring in the cheer, and amidst all of it, the members of every team got an opportunity to know each other better and became even best of buddies. The result of the grand Christmas celebration was surely wowsome, but what went behind it in making it a success is even definitely worth cherishing time and again.

A Glimpse Of Christmas Celebration Activities In 2017

  • Secret Messenger: A message box was placed on every floor, and our employees were asked and encouraged to share ‘feel-good’ messages for their colleagues, which were scheduled to be delivered discreetly to the respective people on 22nd December. The result? The box went overflowing with positivity!



  • Secret Santa: With more than 600 employees in the office, it was considered best to have a Secret Santa within every team. So, chits were picked and employees left no stones unturned in making their Santee feel special by sending brownies, chocolates & donuts to their desks, and leaving gifts for them under the Christmas tree, because everybody loves gifts!

img-20171222-wa0002                                                                     img-20171221-wa0015


  • Fulfilling the wishlist of the Bucketeers: The last time we spent a fun day with the Bucketeers was on Children’s Day, and it was then we discovered that the sweet munchkins had even sweeter wishes in their hearts. From taking a box of Besan ke ladoos to cute toys, and more to their Jasola centre, we tried our best to fulfil their wishes and be their favorite Santa! Some kids also wished to get an admission into school, and a few of our employees stepped in right away to help even in making this dream come true by getting involved in the completion of all types of formalities.  

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  • Christmas Party: On 22nd December, our HR team also organized a grand terrace party in the evening to ring in the Christmas bells. From unlimited snacks to dancing, every employee got pampered and had a fun Friday like never before.

img-20171221-wa0046                             img-20171221-wa0048 img-20171221-wa0038                             img-20171221-wa0030


  • Clothes Donation Drive: While we all have our families and friends who ensure that we stay happy all the time, there is no one who can ensure the same for the underprivileged. So, a clothes donation drive was also carried out from 27th December, 2017 to 7th January, 2018 and all kinds of warm woolens and cozy wear were received.


  • Super Santa: Absolutely unplanned and surprising, this was something none of us saw coming. Right from sending out messages & balloons to some employees to getting songs played on the floor, this person stole the show. And we still don’t know who he or she was, but we cannot thank you enough!


There is no denying that 2017’s Christmas celebration week made us realize that there are different types of Santas around us, and each one of them is absolutely adorable in his or her own way. But this year, let’s not wait for another Christmas to come, rather let’s keep the spirits high and continue spreading happiness around us on all the days and times!

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