Mobile Marketing

This blog is for marketing novices to demonstrate how effective is mobile marketing with some numbers.

Best rate one can get for sending SMS in India – 8 paise per SMS for minimum of 1 lakh SMS. In this case database of phone numbers is provided by the service provider. We did our tie up with Cell Next and they have further tie ups with Airtel, Tata, etc. to send SMS. They promised to send 1 lakh SMS and provide us reports that they were sent. We were told to verify this by calling random 10 numbers in the list and verify.

Time for facts:

  • Total cost for SMS campaign = 8000 + 10.3% tax = 9000 INR
  • Approx calls expected from SMS receivers when the offer sent to them (my ad, or creative) is
    • V. Good = 200 (for e.g. when my ad is say: “trip to Rishikesh in 80% discount”)
    • Good = 100 (for e.g. when my ad is say: “go to Rishikesh for a fabulous trip. Get great deals!”)
    • ok = 50 (for e.g. when my ad is say: “go to Rishikesh for a fabulous trip.”)
  • Remaining statistics in a tabular format (Google adwords vs Mobile marketing)
  • Creative Quality Cool Good ok
    1. Expected Calls 200 100 50
    2. Approx Website Hits 50 30 10
    3. Cost per Lead(INR) (1+2/total Cost) 50 90 180
    Google Adword Costs per Hit 40 50 70


  • Google adwords turn out to be a clear winner against mobile marketing for online websites. Mobile marketing may be useful in following circumstances
    • You need to target offline customers
    • Target them in a day or very quickly want to spread word among the masses
    • Your business can run on phone and you do not need website hits
  • Targeting possibilities that mobile marketing provides
    • Demographic (you can target one particular city)
    • Income group (This group you can not target in google adwords) Not sure how effective this is in mobile marketing, but they claim it to be effective
    • Service Provider based

Conclusion: Whereas Google provides you much more flexibility and various other options and is a clear winner against mobile marketing, unless you have specific requirements as mentioned above.