TravelTriangle Foosball Tournament


Studies reveal that making a workplace fun may be an inexpensive, profitable mechanism of engagement that correlates directly with increasing employee job satisfaction, cultivating morale, and improving quality of customer service. And when we say “fun,” we talk about it as an outgrowth of a positive workplace culture and environment. Fun workplaces cultivate an environment […]

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Celebrating High Performance: A Candid Rendezvous Of The Founders & Core Team With The Triangulars


A work culture where one not only feels at home, but also appreciated for his or her exceptional performance is rare to find. It is only in such an environment that a team who works together, grows and achieves tremendous success together. And to have found such a culture at TravelTriangle, we must say we […]

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New Hire Autobiography


At TravelTriangle, our people are our most important asset. We ensure, everyone is supported and nurtured within a developmental, collaborative and empowering environment. A culture which values talent and focuses on diversity, inclusivity, wellbeing and positive engagement. In order to break the ice, we asked our newly hired employees to write an autobiography. Since everybody […]

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