Web Layout Testing!

With the wide expansion of internet access on myriads of devices, it has become crucial to build mobile-friendly products that can be used by non-desktop users, as well as to improve the ranking in search results. TravelTriangle is India’s leading online travel marketplace bringing both the travelers, and trusted & expert travel agents on a […]

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Monitoring Production Systems – Part II

In Part – I of the series, we talked about challenges faced by us in setting up monitoring system for our production stack which grew from a single EC2 instance to tiers of auto-scaling web servers, dedicated clusters of databases and other centralised systems. In this part we are going to discuss the monitoring system in detail, and particularly our application of […]

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New Hire Autobiography


At TravelTriangle, our people are our most important asset. We ensure, everyone is supported and nurtured within a developmental, collaborative and empowering environment. A culture which values talent and focuses on diversity, inclusivity, wellbeing and positive engagement. In order to break the ice, we asked our newly hired employees to write an autobiography. Since everybody […]

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